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Fanfiction de Josh

Where my stories find the light of day...

Josh McCusker
28 April
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What a load of crap! heh Really, take that as R, but I do keep NC-17 stuff behind lj-cuts ;o)

Welcome to my fanfiction journal! Yes, that's right, if you're looking for slash/HP fanfic, you've come to the right place! I'm also on as catastrophicj, so if you see that name talking like me, that's 'cause it is ;o) That's just my personal eljay, and sometimes I may be logged into it and forget.

About me:

I'm a twenty-six year old geek from Massachusetts, which is a really great place to live imho. I'm part Irish and Prussian on my father's side and French, Native American and Polish on my mum's. I'm also quite homosexual, if you hadn't guessed. I'm currently very interested in ne_other_name, so hopefully he'll get his cute little arse up here soon ;o)

In FanFiction news, I prefer slash (surprise!) and any stories that are original, but contain a lot of very good references to, or tidbits from canon. I love anyone who is able to maintain a flow with the stories, so I try to do it myself.


I agree with most of the world when I say that Hermione and Ron are together and it's pretty much canon. I mean, even Jo's said as much. I also feel that Remus and Sirius could or should have ended up together. I'm all for Ginny and Dean, beacuse not only is it canon but he's a sweetie and she deserves someone like him. Harry... Well I'm afraid that Harry is gay. I just can't see it any other way, and I know that a lot of people (not you lot as you're all here for the slash, right?) don't agree, but I feel he is. I used to be an HP/DM nut, but then Jo said that we all just loved Tom and then pointed out that Tom and Draco are as far apart personality-wise as any two blokes can be. So that was a wake up call for me. Plus, spectacular made me realize that Zacharias Smith is a really great match for Harry for a number of reasons. She wrote a brilliant little essay/manifesto on the matter. I am one of those silly people with a thing about professor/student relations, and it bothers me to no end someone taking advantage of teenagers in positions of power. I'm also not huge on 40yo men/women buggering/shagging teenaged boys. It's something I don't really like in real life, and so I don't tend to read about it either. I'm not judging anyone, just stating my opinion. I will write it if requested as for the most part I'll write anything, which just goes to show that I don't judge anyone =o) heh Anyway... So all you H/D shippers, no worries. I do like H/D AUs and PHs and will read them well. I'm still a huge fan of beren_writes's GTS and several other great H/D stories, especially nmalfoy's MPI (OMG so bril!). Just expect a lot of Zarry stuff from me ;o)

One of the major things I'm into just now is Hufflepuff love. Again thanks to spectacular, I've written a lot about the main ones in Harry's year, such as Hannah, Susan, Justin, Ernie and Zacharias. In writing them, I've sort of developed a huge background on them and things, and very much love them to death. In my world, Susan is quite a woman and very good at charms, so be watchful if you disagree with her (though really only if you're Zacharias). Ernie is bisexual and currently best mates with Hannah. Susan has a thing for Ernie whilst Hannah has a thing for Justin, but he's seeing a Ravenclaw girl. If you want to read more, check out my Zarry story here.

Friending policy: Go right ahead! Comments are not required, however they are very much expected and appreciated. If you're on my flist and you read something of mine, please just take a moment to say what you think. If it's not positive, then just be constructive or say it wasn't to your taste. I may be a little hurt, but if you're cool about it, I'll be fine. If you're an ass (OMG that sucked WTF is wrong with you DIE) I'll probably have to remove you from my list and maybe yell at you in a post or something, or just beat you with a fish, but you know, we can work passed that eventually =o)

Just a quick note...

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for user "acciojosh"."

Whoever you are, I LOVE YOU. Immensely. If you ever 'come out', I'll worship you forever. =o))) *issoloved*

i'm in hufflepuff!

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