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All works in this journal are mine, but you are free to share them. Please always link to this journal and reference me as the author. =o)

Part Two already? Wow.

Still untitled, because I haven't been told enough of the story yet to name it.  It's still slash, but nothing NC-17 for those of you worried about that sort of thing.

And Then Harry Was Gone...Collapse )
Fuck, I really don't want to go to work now... This if fun!  More to come...

Welcome back, says I.

I'm returned, because I need a vent.

A dark short to get me started.Collapse )
There you are.  Is that a good return?  I'll probably continue it, because I like this so far.  Hope someone is actually still reading to enjoy it.

If Only rewrite...

So I've decided to rewrite it with book six options added in.  I hope to make it a little more ... realistic (as much as any fantasy book can be, mind), and just better written.  Who knows...

Read the first bits...Collapse )Let me know what you think, please.  I hope people are still reading this journal...</span></p>

A little short...

I've actually an intention...

... To re-write/finish my 'If Only...' story.  Probably with a new title, mind.

Thank Jo, and book six, which upon re-read has inspired me a bit.



So for those of you who don't read my personal journal, or are not on its flist, I wanted to make a quick post this morning because I'm getting a lot of questions about IOLWLT et al.  My life has been nutty, and therefore it's kept me from being able to write... It's one of those things where there is so much going on that I'm freaking out, but not enough that I've reached that point where I'm so fucked I can actually write really good, angsty stuff.  Well, that was until yesterday.  Now I have this need to write.  VERY MUCH.  Of course, this is helped to happen by the fact that my gran is going off for Easter dinner with the family and I've no desire to go, only to write.

So expect something.  It is coming.  It may change the course of the story immensely, but at least there is going to be an update.

<3 all of you who've held on whilst I've gone through all this.

3rd Feb, 2005

Awww. Thanks to zahavah for the linkage. =o)

Aiding The Lost - Chapter One, Part Two

You lot will be happy to know that my gran woke me up, and that's the only reason I've gotten to write this. =o)

Full version can be found ->here<- for those who haven't read it yet or want to re-read the first part.

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Read/review, please =o) Brits, please brit-pick the British parts... Thanks! ;o)</font></p>


Life... in the way again. Will update soon.

I finally did check on my flist, so I added those of you who had added me that hadn't been added yet =o) Welcome to what was once a very active journal.

Life will slow down soon, I hope... And then I'll be back more actively. <3 to all of you.

A new Story.

I haven't come up with a title for this yet, but I have a great idea of where it's going.  This really doesn't have much to do with canon at all, it's more like an HP 'inspired' story.  Give it a read and let me know what you think.  It's rated PG-13 for language, but so far there isn't much else to worry about.  It's an adventure-mystery, one of the first of the kind from me, so I hope it works out.


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Please comment, of course ;o)</font></p>